CSFF BLOG TOUR | The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson

Sea Dragons.
A Desperate Quest.
And The Final Battle for the Shining Isle…


Today, I’m thrilled to be part of the CSFF BLOG TOUR for Andrew Peterson’s epic conclusion in The Wingfeather Saga…

The Warden and The Wolf King
(The Wingfeather Saga- Book Four)
Andrew Peterson

*** Special THANK YOU to CSFF for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


All winter long, the people in the Green Hollows have prepared for a final battle with Gnag the Nameless and the Fangs of Dang.

Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli- Throne Warden, Wolf King, and Song Maiden of Anniera- are ready and willing to fight alongside the Hollowsfolk, but when the Fangs make the first move and invade Ban Rona, the children are separated.

Janner is alone and lost in the hills; Leeli is fighting the Fangs from the rooftops of the city; and Kalmar, who carries a terrible secret, is on a course for the Deeps of Throg.

Meanwhile in Skree, Sara Cobbler and Maraly Weaver care for the broken Artham Wingfeather as Fangs muster for battle across the Mighty River Blapp.

Sea dragons lurk in the waters. Wicked Stranders crawl through the burrows. Ridgerunners and trolls prowl the land. Cloven haunt the forest. Monsters and Fangs and villains lie between the children and their only hope of victory– in the epic conclusion of The Wingfeather Saga.


Andrew Peterson is a man of many talents with a successful recording and songwriting career, as well as being an award-winning author and the host of a highly popular online creative community known as the Rabbit Room. Peterson released his newest album, Light for the Lost Boy in 2012 to rave reviews hailing the project “as best album of the year.” His previous project Counting Stars debuted at #1 on iTunes, and #6 on Billboard. Peterson’s current project is his fourth and final book in the Wingfeather Saga series out now.


When I heard that this book was coming out, I was so thrilled that I ran out and grabbed up copies of the first three books in the series- just so I could catch up and be ready for the release! I have to say that this is really one of my favorite new series I have read in awhile.
Creative doesn’t even begin to describe the depths of the authors imagination. This series is full of interesting, memorable characters, the most imaginative creatures I’ve ever seen, adventure, danger and so much more!
I loved fully immersing myself into this series, literally going on wild adventures with Janner, Kalmar and Leeli.
I think fans of books like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia should definitely read this series!


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Book Review & FREE Chapter | Death Takes A Ride by Lorena McCourtney

It’s official. This case is above her pay grade–and Cate’s in over her head.

Death Takes A Ride
Lorena McCourtney

*** Special THANK YOU to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


Cate Kinkaid arrives at H&B Vintage Auto Restorations to give a friend a ride. But, as usual, trouble finds Cate even there–this time in the form of one dead man, one wounded man, and what appears to be a pretty obvious case of self-defense.

Despite having been merely an unfortunate bystander, Cate finds herself sucked into the case. And the deeper she gets, the more she begins to suspect that the shooting in the H&B office may not have been as cut-and-dried as it appeared.

Bestselling and award-winning author Lorena McCourtney takes you on wild ride in this clever cozy mystery that will keep you guessing.


Lorena McCourtney is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of dozens of novels, including Invisible (which won the Daphne du Maurier Award from Romance Writers of America), Dying to Read, and Dolled Up to Die. She resides in Oregon. Learn more at http://www.lorenamccourtney.com.


I absolutely loved this latest installment in Lorena McCourtney’s Cate Kinkaid series! Cate is such a love able character and she seems to always find herself in the center of some pretty sticky and often deadly situations.
Lorena is a pro at writing stories that draw you in, make you laugh and keep you intrigued until the very end.
If you’re a fan of fun, quirky, cozy mysteries, you’ll love Death Takes a Ride!!!

*****5/5 STARS- I LOVE IT!!! GET YOUR OWN COPY!!!*****

Kregel Blog Tour | Rope of Sand by CF Dunn

The third installment of the acclaimed romantic thriller series…

Rope of Sand
CF Dunn

*** Special THANK YOU to Kregel for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


This third volume, set in rural Maine’s deep winter, follows the developing relationship between British historian, Emma D’Eresby, and American surgeon, Matthew Lynes. Emma unravels Matthew’s alarming past and begins to comprehend how very diff erent her future might be with a man whose identity must never be revealed.

Emma nervously meets Matthew’s family. She encounters his seventy-year-old son, Henry, and learns how unique the family really is. As Christmas approaches, it is clear that Emma is not welcomed by all: what does Matthew’s great-granddaughter have against her, and what might his sinister psychiatrist granddaughter, Maggie, be prepared to do?

Bound by their faith, Matthew and Emma have accepted that they must wait to be together until his wife dies. Very reluctantly, Emma meets Ellen—an elderly woman with a core of steel—and learns how living with Matthew will mean concealment and lies. How can they have a life together?


C. F. Dunn runs a school in North Kent for children with developmental disabilities, dyslexia, autism, and other difficulties. She is the author of Mortal Fire and Death Be Not Proud.


I was totally intrigued by the storyline of this book and was so excited at the chance to read and review it! What I did not realize is that it is actually the third in a series, I had not read the previous books- but that was okay, the author has provided a wonderful opening explaining the things that have happened in books 1 and 2.
The plot was so intriguing, really unlike anything I’ve read before. The fact that the characters were from different time periods was both awesome and strange at times, but I liked it!
Of course, I loved the wonderful setting!
The mystery and suspense surrounding the secrets of the past, kept me enthralled throughout the story.
I really enjoyed getting to know Emma and Matthew both- really memorable characters in their own right.
As a side note, I must point out to my blog followers that this book does contain some language and some sensual scenes and for that reason, I chose 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Operation Zulu Tour of Duty | Meet Boone


Welcome to the Operation Zulu Redemption: Tour of Duty!!!
Today I am super thrilled to introduce one of my absolute favorite characters…Boone Ramage!!!


• Name: Boone Ramage
• Age: 32
• Eye colour: Blue
• Hair colour: Brown
• Height: 6’
• Rank: Warrant Officer
• Key weapon: sniper rifle
• Unique skill: sniper, trainer
• Quirk: enjoys restoring his old home
• Favourite movie: Braveheart
• Snack of choice: He doesn’t snack. Give him a good, hearty meal with homemade buttermilk biscuits
• Resembles… John Cena
• Other: thick neck, angular jaw line, ferocious, big, Rock of Gibraltar, solid, impenetrable, kind, caring.

Want to know more about Boone?
Be sure to download your FREE copy of Overkill!!!
Check it out…


Brand-new 5-part Serial Novel! Starts July 4th!

They never should’ve existed. Now they don’t. In the aftermath of their first highly successful op, the first all-female special ops team, known as Zulu, discovered that innocent civilians—women and children—died at their hands. Zulu was set up to take the devastating fall. Fearing for their lives, the Zulu team vanished. With new identities and spread across the globe, they live in relative but isolated peace—yet still haunted by the past. Terrified of being discovered. Five years after that horrific night, they’ve begun to hope they might be safe and the tragedy forgotten. Until two of them are murdered.

Start the mission with Operation Zulu Redemption: Overkill–The Beginning. This FREE episode drops you into the rapid-fire action where the women of Zulu are trying to figure out who is targeting them. Who really set Zulu up to take the fall years ago? Are they one and the same? Now the remaining members of Zulu have no choice but to regroup and stop their enemy–before it’s too late. And Overkill is just the beginning…

And don’t miss any of these extended 240 page episodes….
July 18 — Operation Zulu Redemption: Collateral Damage — Part 1
July 25 — Operation Zulu Redemption: Out of Nowhere — Part 2
August 1 — Operation Zulu Redemption: Hazardous Duty — Part 3
August 8 — Operation Zulu Redemption: Act of Treason — Part 4

Ronie Kendig will leave you needing the next!


Download Links:
Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo Books *

My Review-
What a ride!!! This is such an exciting, heart-stopping, edge-of-your-seat, action-packed beginning to what I expect will be an epic series!!!
Ronie’s writing style is addictive. You won’t be able to put this one down and once your finish, you’ll be begging for more!!!
I love that this novel is written in a quick, back and forth style introducing the characters by bits and really sucking you in good.
I can’t tell you how many times I gasped out loud as I read- so many shocks and unexpected moments!
I absolutely loved OVERKILL: The Beginning and cannot wait for Episode 1 to release!!!
If you are a fan of non-stop action, military fiction, memorable characters….don’t miss Overkill!!!


About the Author-
An Army brat, Ronie Kendig grew up in the classic military family, with her father often TDY and her mother holding down the proverbial fort. Their family moved often, which left Ronie attending six schools by the time she’d entered fourth grade. Her only respite and “friends” during this time were the characters she created.

It was no surprise when she married a military veteran—her real-life hero—in June 1990. Married more than twenty years, Ronie and her husband, Brian, homeschool their children, the first of whom graduated in 2011. Despite the craziness of life, Ronie finds balance and peace with her faith, family and their Maltese Menace in Northern Virginia.

Ronie has a deep love and passion for people, especially hurting people, which is why she pursued and obtained a B.S. in Psychology from Liberty University. Ronie speaks nationally, volunteers with writer’s organizations, including American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and My Book Therapy, and mentors other writers.

Since launching onto the publishing scene in 2010, Ronie and her books have hit bestseller lists and garnered awards and critical acclaim.

YA Bound Book Tour & Giveaway | Mindwar by Andrew Klavan


Welcome to the Mindwar Book Tour hosted by YA Bound Book Tours!!!

by Andrew Klavan
Release Date: 07/15/14
Thomas Nelson
352 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Rick Dial has the potential to be a hero. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Rick’s high school football team couldn’t be stopped when he was leading them as their quarterback. He was going to Syracuse on a scholarship. But then his dad abandoned them and a terrible accident left him crippled.

Certain his old life is completely lost, Rick spends months hiding away in his room playing video games. He achieves the highest scores on so many games that he’s approached by a government agency who claims to be trying to thwart a cyber attack on America that would destroy the technological infrastructure of the entire country. The agents say that the quick-thinking of a quarterback coupled with Nick’s gaming experience make him perfect for this assignment. The problem is that there are no extra lives and this isn’t just a game . . . but Rick doesn’t have many other options at the moment.

Entering “The Realm” gives Rick the one thing he thought he’d never have again: a body that’s as fast and as strong as he ever was before the accident. But the more time he spends in The Realm, the more questions he has. What secrets are these agents keeping from him? What really happened to his father? How many others have gone into The Realm already . . . and failed? And perhaps most important, is he the hero they think he is?


Buy Links:
Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Kobo Books * The Book Depository

My Review-
Words cannot express how much I love Andrew Klavan books!!!
Amazing does not even begin to describe his latest novel…Mindwar.
Rick Dial is a stellar character to head this latest series- I completely empathized with him from the beginning, he has really been through so much in his life. But he is such a strong character! He is the perfect example of what happens when your world falls apart and how to begin to rebuild again.
Video games sometimes get a bad rap, but I’m thrilled that Klavan has integrated it into his story in such a unique and creative way! I think readers will be thrilled as I was.
Like all of Klavan’s books, this one kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages. It’s fast-paced and action-packed. In the end, I wanted to stand up and cheer!!!
I cannot wait for the next installment in the series!

About the Author-
Andrew Klavan is a best-selling, award-winning thriller novelist whose books have been made into major motion pictures. He broke into the YA scene with the bestselling Homelanders series, starting with The Last Thing I Remember. He is also a screenwriter and scripted the innovative movie-in-an-app Haunting Melissa.

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Book Review | Get To Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders

Get To Know Jesus
Nancy I. Sanders

*** Special THANK YOU to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


Jesus – part of the Get to Know series – is a unique biography about Jesus, the son of God. Focusing on the life and character of this Biblical hero, using color photographs, maps, and other visual resources to tell the whole story, young biography fans will come to learn more about this man of the God and the role he plays in history. Featuring a bibliography and scriptural references throughout, this is sure to become a favorite for young readers and for first book reports.


This is an awesome full-color, compact size biography that’s great for kids!
I love the 5×7 size! Great for kids to pack in their backpacks to take on the road or to grandmas! I absolutely love the full-color photos and maps. It was really cool to see actual photos of the places JESUS walked!
There are these super awesome colored icons in the book: Scripture, Bible Hero, Eyewitness Account, Did You Know? and Word Bank. These icons make it super easy to learn new exciting things about Jesus and the Bible!
There’s a Timeline, Glossary and so much more!!!
This is a fantastic resource for Sunday School classes, youth groups or just to have in the home for kids to enjoy again and again.


Book Review, Author Q&A and Free Sample | Gathering Shadows by Nancy Mehl

The first in a new series from Amish suspense author Nancy Mehl…
Gathering Shadows
Nancy Mehl

*** Special THANK YOU to the author for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


Wynter Evans is a promising young reporter for a television station in St. Louis, but even a bright future doesn’t take away her pain over the disappearance of her brother nine years ago. So when she stumbles across a photograph of a boy with an eerie resemblance to him, she can’t pass up the chance to track him down. With research for work as her cover, she sets out with one of the station’s photogs for the place where the picture was taken: the town of Sanctuary.

Almost as soon as she arrives, she meets the town’s handsome young mayor, Rueben King, and together they begin to uncover long held secrets that could tear the small town apart and change everything Wynter thought she knew about her life. As the truth of her family’s past hides in the shadows, it’s clear someone will stop at nothing to keep the answers she’s searching for hidden forever–even if the cost is Wynter’s very life.


Nancy Mehl is the author of eighteen books and received the ACFW Mystery Book of the Year Award in 2009. She has a background in social work and is a member of ACFW and RWA. She writes from her home in Missouri where she lives with her husband, Norman, and their Puggle, Watson. Visit her website at http://www.nancymehl.com.


1. How much research do you do for your books?

I do quite a bit of research. The most important part of any book I write is the story. Is the plot interesting? Are the characters engaging? But making sure my facts are right is vital too. Writing something that doesn’t ring true can pull a reader right out of a story. Besides, I love research. I
may even go above and beyond a bit with my research, but many times it can actually send me in a different and more exciting direction. And although I do a lot of my research online and through books, I usually try to talk to a real person. I find it gives me a unique and personal perspective.

2. Do you use pictures to help you envision your characters?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Often I’ll start by creating a character in my mind. Then I’ll try to find a picture that closely matches my idea. However, in one case I created a character based on a real person, an actor playing another character. I happen to love Doctor Who. David Tennant played the Doctor in a way that gave me an idea for a Mennonite man named Ebenezer Miller, who was a main character in Unbreakable, the second book in my Road to Kingdom series. I think having the character so clearly defined in my own mind helped readers connect with him as well. I was thrilled when one book review site awarded Ebbie the Best Hero Award for 2013. They also picked Unbreakable as one of their top ten books of the year.

3. How do you get your ideas?

Usually they just come to me. Sometimes I’ll look through other books for inspiration. For example, I felt one story needed a plot twist and wasn’t sure which way to go. I remembered reading a book in which the main character was accused of theft. So I used the same situation for my protagonist. The circumstances were completely different, but having the character deal with an unfair accusation worked very well.

4. What’s your favorite part of writing a book?

I actually love the writing process. Coming up with ideas and plot twists excites me, especially when a new concept takes me in a direction I hadn’t seen before I began my story.

5. Your least favorite?

Rewrites. I’m blessed to have the world’s best editors, but I have to admit that when the rewrite list comes back, I think briefly about changing my name and moving to another country. LOL!

6. What is the most important thing you hope readers take away from your books?

I really want to give them a good story, one that allows them to forget their present cares for a little while. I’ve spent some of the most stressful times of my life reading. Getting lost in a story can be very healing. But even more important to me is to encourage my readers. To remind them that God has a good plan for their lives, and He is there to take them through to victory. The devil’s number-one goal is to convince us that we’re not loved and that God can’t possibly use us. These are incredible lies. As a Christian author I believe it’s my job to expose his lies and to declare the truth. Eternal results are most important to me. Awards and sales are great, don’t get me wrong, but if by reading my books just one person decides to reignite his or her dreams and try again, that means more to me than anything else possibly could. If I can touch the lives of my readers in a positive way, then my life will have been well spent.


I first fell in love with Nancy when I read her Road To Kingdom series! So, of course when I heard she was writing a new series, I could not wait to get my hands on a copy of Gathering Shadows!
It has everything I love- mystery, suspense and romance.
What if someone you loved disappeared? How far would you go to bring them home again?
I absolutely love Wynter and Rueben. I love the small town setting. I love the Mennonite twist. This story captivated me from page one and had me guessing until the very end!
Mystery fans I cannot express how much you need to read this book!!! I cannot wait for the next book in the series.