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Quiet Time: What’s the Big Deal?

Why is it important to spend time in quiet prayer with God? Does it effect our day? Does it really make a difference?

I believe it does! I always say that I need to get in front of Jesus before I get in front of people. Another of my favorite Bible teachers likes to say: Exchange whispers with God before exchanging shouts with the world. I feel ya sister.

The truth is, I can choose to go about my day ignoring God and ignoring the things of God. Or I can begin my day with Him and allow His presence to permeate everything I do. I can ask Him to be my unseen companion for the day. I like to do that!

This way, when life slaps me in the face (and it sometimes does)…yes, it still hurts, it’s still frustrating, I’m still irritated- BUT, I know He is with me. I know that because I have spent time at His feet, I am better prepared to face the world.

Jesus often got alone, early in the morning to spend time in prayer with His Father. I believe that He was setting an amazing example for us. To accomplish all He did, required meeting with the Father. How can we expect any less from ourselves?

Are you ready to give it a try? Do you need to rekindle your quiet time? Check out this great FREE Prayer Calendar. You’ll find a few thoughts on the Jesus Calling devotion for that day followed by space to track your prayer requests. It’s a great way to jumpstart your own quiet time with the Lord.

Find it here:

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Fundraiser for Baby Rose

Our Story:

In September, my husband and I discovered that we were expecting our second baby. Though the news was a surprise, we were very excited. At our first ultrasound appointment, the doctor was concerned that she saw fluid on the baby’s brain and referred us to a specialist in Grapevine. Our first appointment with the specialist was not good. He said that he believed the baby had a condition called “anencephaly”, a neural tube defect that basically means the baby’s brain and or skull did not fully develop. Babies with this condition do not live. The specialist said that because the baby was very small (I was only about 11 weeks pregnant at this point) he wanted us to come back for a follow-up appointment, just to be sure. He said that I needed to think realistically about the situation and make some decisions about whether I not I would continue the pregnancy. My husband and I went home, discouraged and heartbroken.
We had two other appointments with this specialist, each time praying for a miracle, but the prognosis was the same every time: your baby is not going to live. My husband and I made the decision for me to carry the baby as long as the Lord would allow. We continued to pray for a miracle.
Soon, the time came for us to be able to learn the gender of the baby, our doctor said that she would have to have a more legitimate reason for doing an ultrasound than just wanting to know the gender. I was so frustrated. I thought that with all of the bad news, I just wanted to know if this precious baby was a boy or a girl…something my family could celebrate. I decided to call another doctors office to get a second opinion about our baby’s condition and was secretly hoping they may be able to tell us the gender.
I went for an appointment at LSU in Shreveport and met with a specialist there. This doctor looked at all of our information and the ultrasound and said that she believed the baby not have “anencephaly” but something similar, called “encephalcele”. This condition was still very dangerous, but there was a ray of hope that the baby may be able to live, depending on the extent of the condition. She recommended that my family meet with specialists at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, so they could evaluate the situation. Plus, we found out that we were having a little girl! We decided to name her Jessica Rose. We were thanking the Lord for this ray of hope.
My family travelled to Houston on Thursday, February 16 to meet with doctors. They had scheduled several appointments, including an MRI and ultrasound. The following day, we were supposed to meet with the pediatric surgeon as well. Thursday afternoon, we were scheduled to sit down with the doctors to discuss a plan for Baby Rose. As we waited in the small family room, minutes seemed like hours until finally the doctors came in to talk. The news was not good. They said that our baby did not have a skull and was “incompatible with life”. Our appointments for the next day were canceled, as there was nothing more the doctors could do.
We don’t know what the future holds, the prognosis is very grim, but my husband and I are praying every day for a miracle for our baby. All of the specialists have no hope, but we believe that our baby is in God’s hands and He will have the final say. In the meantime, we are enjoying our time with her as best we can.

A friend of mine has put together a fundraiser for our family to help cover medical expenses or a possible funeral for Baby Rose. She is selling T-shirts for $20 (2X or larger is $22) and all proceeds will go to our family. Please do not feel obligated to purchase a shirt, your prayers and support mean more to us that you could ever know, but if you would like to participate and purchase a shirt, please let me know. I will need payment upon ordering. We will be taking orders for the next 2-3 weeks. Shirts are available in PINK or GREY.


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Beat Up Your Family!?!

Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten on how to deepen my walk with Jesus is this:

No, not this…




Not this…




Some of the most effective advice to deepen my relationship with Jesus is to beat my family up and spend some time alone with God in the early morning hours…before the hectic-ness of the day begins!!! Soon, the phone will be ringing, the kids will be up, the house will be crazy.
But not yet…

Early in the morning is ideal for spending quiet time with God, for prayer, for Bible study.


When I start my day with God, it just gets me in tune with Him.
It sort of sets the “mood” for the rest of the day.

For me, there’s just something special about acknowledging God’s presence and involvement in my day, before it even begins.


It’s often in these quiet moments that I hear Him more clearly.

Even Jesus got up early to pray and spend time with the Father…


MARK 1:35
And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.

Imagine getting up early, before your family and spending time with the Father…
Praying for your children
Praying for your hubby
Praying for the people you’ll encounter throughout your day

Imagine spending a few precious, uninterrupted moments in His Word…

Imagine what a difference this could make in your family life and in your relationships and in your walk with God!


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