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Pocket Prayers for Teachers: Mrs. Tammy

All the way from coloring inside the lines to calculus, teachers have given us the tools to thrive. Where would we be without them? But a teacher’s job is often a difficult one. Sometimes anxiety and exhaustion become the norm. For those in need of a little peace and renewal, Max Lucado points to the Teacher who offered just that. Pocket Prayers for Teachers contains forty scriptures and guided prayers written especially for those special people, who encourage and inspire our students.

Meet Mrs. Tammy!

As part of this special blog tour, I was asked to give away copies of the books I reviewed to special people in my life. Mrs. Tammy is super special. When my family and I first moved to Texas, my son was getting ready to start PreK. We didn’t know anyone yet and I was hesitant to let “my baby” go. Then… I met Mrs. Tammy, the PreK teacher at our local school. From the first time we talked, I knew there was something very special about her. She immediately put my heart and mind at ease and encouraged me to send Jessie to her class. I’m so glad that God brought her into our lives. Though I didn’t want to let my baby grow up, I knew that he would be in the best hands with Mrs. Tammy. He has done so well in her class and learned so much. Mrs. Tammy has been teaching PreK for over 20 years. She is kind, loving and patient. She always puts forth her very best for all her students and even when she is tired at the end of the day- she always has a smile.

We just love Mrs. Tammy!

Pocket Prayers for Teachers would make a great gift for the special teachers in your life.

Get your copy here!

See my complete review here!


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