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Lazarus Awakening

Journey to the Tomb of Lazarus…and Hear Jesus Call Your Name

Mary worshiped. Martha served. But what did Lazarus do to experience Jesus’s lavish love?

Filmed in the Holy Land, this DVD companion to Joanna Weaver’s book Lazarus Awakening explores the incredible truth that Jesus loves us apart from our works or our worthiness. He wants to call us out of our tombs and into friendship with Him.

Designed for use with the book and companion study guide, this three-disc DVD Bible study is formatted for both individual and group use, with content suitable for both men and women.
·         In-depth Bible study: Features eight 15- to 17-minute video sessions.
·         Bonus “Israel Moment” videos explore the life of Christ and the Holy Land.
·         Designed for use with the study guide and book.
·         Leader’s guide, promotional material, and retreat format included.



I loved this study so much! If you are looking for something to utilize to draw you closer to the heart of God, this study is for you! I especially loved the DVD portion. I’m a visual learner and I love that this study included the video aspect. It really helps learners delve even deeper into the time and place this Bible story occurred.

The message this study really spoke to my heart is that God loved me, He wants me, He desires relationship with me- not because of my goodness, not because I’ve earned it but simply because He is Who He is.

The study can be done alone or in a group. Highly recommend!


*thank you to Blogging for Books for my review copy.


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