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#FridayReads: The Girl From the Train

Southern Poland, April 1944

“Let go!” her grandmother said.

She held on for dear life. The metal edge bit into her fingers. Her frantic feet searched for a foothold in the air. The dragon swayed dangerously from side to side.

“Gretl, let go!” Her grandmother’s shrill voice cut through the huffing noise of the dragon. “We’re nearly at the top, you must let go now!”

The child looked down. The ground was a long way below. Strewn with sharp stones, it sloped down into a deep gully.

Her arms were aching.

Her fingers were losing her grip.

Then her grandmother pried her fingers loose.

Gretl hit the ground. Shock jolted through her skinny little body.

She fell, slid, rolled down the embankment, stones grazing her face and legs. She clenched her jaw to keep herself from screaming.



Todays #FridayReads came from a portion of “The Girl From The Train” by Irma Joubert. Learn more about this awesome read HERE!


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