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Romancing Your Better Half by Rick Johnson

Expert advice to keep the fire burning in your marriage…

Romancing Your Better Half
Rick Johnson

*** Special THANK YOU to Baker Publishing Group for providing me with a review copy. My review is my own personal opinion.***



If you’ve been married more than a few years, you probably know how it goes. You start out in the throes of passionate romance only to have the fire cool over the years–especially when kids come along or life gets too busy. But keeping the romance alive is easier than most people think. Now the author of Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half shares the secrets of pursuing romance that won’t quit.

With wit and wisdom, Rick Johnson shows you how to communicate effectively with your spouse, recapture the feeling of young love, incorporate romance and intimacy into everyday life, understand each other’s unique sexual needs, and more. The useful insights and solid advice in this practical book will strengthen your marriage now and into the future.


Rick Johnson is a bestselling author of That’s My Son; That’s My Teenage Son; That’s My Girl; Better Dads, Stronger Sons; and Becoming Your Spouse’s Better Half. He is the founder of Better Dads and is a sought-after speaker at many large parenting and marriage conferences across the United States and Canada. Rick, his wife, Suzanne, and their grown children live in Oregon.


Im always on the lookout for great marriage resources and this is absolutely one of the best I’ve come across. What intrigued me first is that this book is written by a man. I typically reach for resources written by women for women, so I was really excited for something different.
There is such a wealth of wisdom between these pages! This is definitely one of those books that I’m recommending to all of my married friends.
I love how Rick balances humor (Cleanliness Is Next To Sexiness…LOL!!!) with information and advice. This book is fun to read, informative and eye-opening. It will definitely challenge you and your spouse to take your marriage to the next level.
I loved how right out the gate the author points out Why Your Marriage Matters (not just to God, but to other people in your life) and Why Marriage Is Good For You.
He covers every topic from communication to sex to how deal with wounds. There’s even a chapter just for him (Her Needs) and just for her (His Needs).
I loved the Intimacy Building Tips at the end of every chapter. These practical ideas will help put the things you’ve learned into practice.
Whether you’re newlywed or celebrating your silver anniversary, this book has something for everyone! I loved it so much, I’ll definitely be checking out more of this authors books.



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