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A Saintly Killing by Martha Ockley

A Saintly Killing
(Faith Morgan Mystery, Book 3)
Martha Ockley

*** Special THANK YOU to Kregel Blog Program for providing me with a review copy. My review is my own personal opinion.***



It is late July, the run up to St James’s Day. It is also the 900th anniversary of the church at Little Worthy, and Faith Morgan has planned a whole range of celebratory activities – a music festival; a photographic booklet of recent history; a planting of new trees in the graveyard and vicarage garden; bell ringing; a visit from the bishop. A new painting of the church is commissioned from distinguished local artist Sal Hankley.

Sal, who has recently returned from Australia, is not a universally popular choice: outspoken and opinionated, she has made her share of enemies. Before the painting can be completed, Sal is found dead at her easel on a hillock overlooking the church.

Suddenly a very respectable member of the community – a PCC member, no less – is under suspicion. Faith – trying to hold church and village together – finds herself teamed with former flame Detective Inspector Ben Shorter, who, though he has no time for God-botherers, still seems to have time for Faith.


Martha Ockley writes both fiction and non-fiction. When she is not writing, she loves to act, potter about her eighteenth-century cottage, and spend time with her parrot!


I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from the beginning and this third installment is top notch! Though this is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.
What happens when a disliked community member is murdered??? …well, for starters- everyone’s a suspect!
Through this series, I have come to know and love main character Faith.
She is smart, likeable and desires to be a great vicar for her parish.
It seems Faith really has her hands full with the upcoming anniversary, the murder and someone she can’t keep off of her mind- her ex beau Ben.
This story really kept me guessing- brilliant job on the authors part!
If you love cozy British mysteries that are whimsical and warm…don’t miss this!

*****5/5 STARS- LOVE IT!!!*****


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