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Book Review | Starting at the Finish Line by John B. Wallace

Struggling with the strict laws and ordinances of the Mormon faith?
Longing for a more fulfilling and less complex relationship with Jesus Christ?
Want to know with certainty that you have eternal life?
Starting AtThe Finish Line
(The Gospel of Grace for Mormons)
John B. Wallace

*** Special THANK YOU to the B&B Media Group for providing me with a review copy.***
***My review is my own personal opinion.***


Mormons are leaving their faith in record numbers. And studies reveal that few leave Mormonism to embrace the more traditional Christian worldview. Sadly, many drift into complete atheisim or worldly, reckless lifestyles, having concluded that if Mormonism isn’t true, then nothing is.

Starting at the Finish Line challenges the transitioning Latter-day Saint to take a closer look at the reliabiltiy of the Bible and the promises found therein. The Bible teaches that we are saved by grace, through faith, not by works. And while this ought to be music to their ears, most Latter-day Saints struggle to accept the simplicity of this promise and the fact that the work of their salvation was already completed by Christ dying on the cross.


Dr.John Wallace was an active member of the Mormon church for twenty years, serving a full-time mission to Argentina in the mid-80’s, and holding a variety of leadership positions within the church. But in 1993, John walked away from Mormonism, owing mainly to his deep concerns regarding Mormon temple worship and the unique doctrine of the literal deification of man: “As God is, man may become.” After several years of “self-imposed atheism”, John came back to his original roots and began to search the Bible for answers. Reading the Bible without the filter of religion, and attending a non-denominational, Bible-teaching church, John came to saving faith in Jesus Christ. He came to realize that it is not at all about religion, but rather a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. It was only after his born-again experience that John felt the compelling need to reach back to his LDS family and friends in order to share the astounding truth that it is “by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves.” John is a practicing dentist in Southern California as well as Director of Singles Ministry at his home church, Calvary Chapel Westgrove. Dr. Wallace is available to speak to churches and organizations, and is considered an expert in the area of witnessing to Latter-day Saints.


This is an awesome book for anyone coming out of the Mormon faith or for anyone with a heart to see more Mormons come to faith in Jesus Christ.
It’s reassuring to know that not only was the author active in the LDS Church for 20 years (so he clearly knows what he’s talking about concerning the Mormon beliefs) but that he also has a heart and passion for Mormons.
This book is in no way preachy or condescending, but in a precise, clear yet loving way brings to light some really interesting things to think about and some questions that require a deep look and heart-searching answer.
Drawing on his own experience in the Mormon faith and it’s principles, Wallace informs and directs readers in a clear, simple to understand manner. He hits on topics of salvation by grace, the depravity of man, who Jesus is-really, and so much more!
I thought this book was very interesting and deepened my understanding of the Mormon beliefs, but also was heartbreaking at times. My prayer is that God will use Starting At The Finish Line to reach more people with the message of His saving grace.



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