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Book Review & Sample | Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes

Don’t let your past keep you from a full future.

Lost & Found:
Finding Hope in the Detours of Life
Sarah Jakes

*** Special THANK YOU to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.***


Sarah Jakes oversees the women’s ministry at The Potter’s House of Dallas, the church led by her parents, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Mrs. Serita Jakes. She regularly blogs at and occasionally serves as a TV host on The Potter’s Touch. Sarah is a mom of two and lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Learn more about her and her ministry at


Like every girl, Sarah Jakes dreamed of a life full of love, laughter, and happy endings. But her dreams changed dramatically when she became pregnant at age thirteen, a reality only compounded by the fact that her father, Bishop T.D. Jakes, was one of the most influential megachurch pastors in the nation. As a teen mom and a high-profile preacher’s kid, her road was lonely. She was shunned at school, gossiped about at church. And a few years later, when a fairy-tale marriage ended in a spiral of hurt and rejection, she could have let her pain dictate her future.

Instead, she found herself surrounded by a God she’d given up on, crashing headlong with Him into a destiny she’d never dreamed of. Sarah’s captivating story, unflinchingly honest and deeply vulnerable, is a vivid reminder that God can turn even the deepest pain into His perfection.

More than a memoir, Lost and Found offers hope and encouragement. Perhaps you, like Sarah, find yourself wandering the detours of life. Regardless of how lost you feel, you, too, can be found.


I enjoyed this book so much!!!
I had not heard of Sarah Jakes before requesting a copy of this book, but I’m thrilled that I took the chance to sit down and hear her story.
I too grew up a PK (pastors kid) and while my dad was not as well known or thrown into the spotlight, I could relate to the things that Sarah shared in this book…the expectations of others, the living in a fishbowl of sorts etc.
And I think that other young women will totally relate to the desire to be loved and have a happily ever after, but the mistakes that led her down a different path than she had planned. (Haven’t we all been there, done that!) What I love most about Sarah’s story is that it is a story of hope. I love to see this beautiful young woman reach out to God’s grace and forgiveness and use her past as a platform to shine the spotlight on Jesus.
I think this book and Sarah’s testimony will touch young women who may seem skeptical….sadly, sometimes church can be the hardest place for us to go when we have messed up.
I love her honesty and openness, she seems to have a wisdom beyond her years and a sweet spirit that is contagious!
Don’t miss Lost & Found!!!

*****5/5 STARS- LOVE IT; GET YOUR OWN COPY!!!*****


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