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FirstWild Card Blog Tour: My Baby’s Feet by Sheila M. Luck

Are you, or someone you know, facing an unwanted pregnancy?
Are you wondering if “choice” is the answer, the easiest solution?

Sheila M. Luck

*** Special THANK YOU to Life Sentence Publishing, LLC for providing me with a review copy.***


Sheila and her husband Wayne have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. She is currently on the Board of Directors of Elizabeth Ministry International and Wisconsin Right to Life. In 2010, Sheila received a certificate in equipping from The Masters Institute.

Sheila began her career following college working as an engineer for IBM. After three years, she resigned to attend law school at Marquette University Law School, graduating in 1985. In 2003, after nearly twenty years of being employed full-time as an attorney, Sheila retired and accepted God’s call to begin writing Christian books and speaking for a variety of Christian organizations and schools. Sheila’s current books include three Bible studies:

The Challenge of Change: Careers, Callings and Work-Life Crossroads
My Secret Loss: Finding Life after Abortion
Grapple with Guilt, Shed the Shame



Fearfully and desperately wanting to hide my mistakes and deny the unwanted, but not totally unexpected ramifications of my earlier choices, I chose what seemed to be the easiest answer. I chose death, and then I moved into the aftermath of my choice. I, for a lifetime and beyond, will live in the aftermath of my choice. Although there is recovery, through forgiveness, there are lasting ramifications. No one told me that the ramifications of my choice would last forever. No one told me what my choice would do to my heart. No one told me that my choice was, in fact, a death sentence for my baby.

Through my story, I pray that you will know that a living choice is the only real choice.

Join me in my story of running from my mistakes, hiding my choice, and slugging through the aftermath. Come with me as I discover a new truth about an old choice. Join me as I struggle with guilt and heartfelt shame, knowing the new truth. Observe the aftermath.


This is a powerful, unforgettable story of the authors journey through abortion.
I love how open, honest and real Sheila is concerning the decisions that led up to making the choice and everything that followed.
Sadly, many women are deceived into thinking that abortion is an easy out.
But, they cannot possibly realize the long-term effects for everyone involved, not to mention the loss of life.
I pray that this book reaches people dealing with the choice and those who have already suffered through it.
If you know someone struggling in this area, please give them this book!



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