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Thursday’s Thoughts 3-27-14


Thursday’s Thoughts is a new weekly blog post in which I just ramble about any and everything….including books!

Author Meet & Greet


I am so thrilled that tonight I’ll be attending an Author Meet & Greet with…
Shellie Rushing Tomlinson!!!
If you haven’t heard about her latest release CLICK HERE for more information.
I’m so excited about this book!
It’s about trading mundane faith for an exuberant life with Jesus.

I’m only a few pages in, but I am soo loving it and
sooo relating to pretty much everything Shellie is saying.
Are you ready to stop struggling to make time for God and instead live every moment with God???

Then don’t miss HEART WIDE OPEN!!!

I’m excited to meet Shellie tonight and get my copy of Heart Wide Open signed!!!



No one outside of my family and the good folks at Love Inspired know that I have entered the Love Inspired Suspense Search For A Killer Voice Contest!!! Eeekkk:-))))) They are looking for some new authors to publish books for the line.

Stage One consisted of entering the first page of your novel- which I have done! Tomorrow they will be announcing 75 authors who will move on to Stage 2.

If I make it to Stage 2, I will be placed on a team (I think there are six teams, because there are 6 editors…so each editor will have a team). In Stage 2 we will submit a 3-5 page synopsis. I struggled with this initially, since my novel is a WIP…but things are moving along nicely now. I’m only wracking my brain for how I want the final scene/ final showdown between the good guy & gal and the evil villain to conclude!

Fingers-crossed I’ll be announcing soon that I’ve passed on to Stage 2. But if not, I know that God has something else in the works!



Another contest I’m considering entering is the short story competition presented by Family Fiction!

There are some awesome prizes up for grabs. If you are a writer, you should definitely consider this contest.
Simply submit a 1000 word short story in the genre of your picking!

Learn all the details by CLICKING HERE!


This week has been busy busy, even though my hubby is on his spring break from seminary!


I’ve been re-painting my bathroom, baking banana bread and today I’m even trying a Rosemary Baked Bread recipe from Macaroni Grill. The bathroom is going from the green color is was when we moved in, to a very very pale pink. This picture shows it’s ready for a few coats.


I’ve also planted a few veggie plants outside in pots (no promises anything will produce….I’m just confirming whether or not I have a green thumb). It is Spring after all:-)


I finally broke down and purchased a tea kettle, because I love a hot pot of tea for lunch with a cucumber/cream cheese sandwich. Yum!

I bought my son one of those little plastic basketball goals with the suction cups and he absolutely loves it- I thought he was going mad! This is only to tide him over until his birthday in June when my hubby and I plan to buy him a small outdoor goal!

He’s also been trying on daddy’s “Woody Boots” at least that’s what he calls them since he’s obsessed with Toy Story. Meanwhile we are on the hunt for some decently priced brown cowboy boots in his size.


That’s pretty much it for my Thursday Thoughts. Hope you enjoyed what I’ve shared.


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