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Raw Faith by Kasey Van Norman

Find out what happens
when God picks a fight…
Kasey Van Norman

*** Special THANK YOU to the publisher for providing me with a review copy.***


Kasey Van Norman is being called “the most dynamic female voice for the new generation” by Christian leaders. Her 2012 breakout book and Bible study series, Named by God, skyrocketed to bestseller status as an inspiring and cutting-edge journey into the redemptive power of Jesus. In her book and when she speaks, Kasey opens up about her past abuse, traumatic rape, promiscuous teen years, her extramarital affair, and attempted suicide, culminating in a heroic rescue by Jesus—pointing to his restoration of her marriage and life. Kasey’s 2014 book and Bible study, Raw Faith—What Happens When God Picks a Fight, will challenge readers to experience God’s love when he seems anything but loving. In Raw Faith Kasey chronicles her battle with incurable cancer and her struggle to believe her own message of faith amidst such pain. In 2013 Kasey spoke to over 100,000 women as a headline speaker with the Extraordinary Women Tour and American Association of Christian Counselors. Kasey’s passion is teaching others the power of their story. Able to soul-bond with people across many different seasons and circumstances, Kasey’s authenticity, humor, and passion in interviews creates an atmosphere for genuine Jesus encounters.

Kasey makes her home on a US mission field. Along with husband Justin and their two children, Kasey works and lives each day on the largest working rescue ranch in the United States. As a child rescue agent for Still Creek Ranch in Bryan, TX, Kasey helps rescue minors from abuse, neglect, and human trafficking. Kasey is a licensed professional counselor with earned degrees in psychology, public speaking, counseling, and biblical studies. Kasey founded KVM (Kasey Van Norman Ministries) in 2010.



As a respected Bible teacher, Kasey Van Norman had dedicated her life to sharing God’s Word and encouraging women to trust in God during times of crisis. Then, just as her ministry was poised to explode, Kasey was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that shattered her spirit and rocked her faith to its core. Sick, frightened, and in pain, Kasey suddenly found herself facing the greatest challenge of her life—believing her own message.

In Raw Faith, Kasey chronicles her courageous battle with cancer, taking readers on a candid and poignant journey of faith and discovery, from the depths of despair through triumphant victory.

Drawing on a variety of Bible stories and characters, Kasey discovers and distills the singular truth that has existed since time began: while change and uncertainty are inevitable, God is always unchanging, and He is always faithful—even when our circumstances might tempt us to think otherwise.


If you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky, feel-good faith book….look elsewhere!
Kasey Van Norman digs deep to the heart of our faith. She asks us to open ourselves up and self-examine. She holds the mirror up to our faith and causes us to get a real good look. When all is said and done- is our faith real??? Is it enough??? Will it sustain us in the darkness???
As she shares personal journal entries and the story of her own journey through cancer and chemo, Kasey bares her soul and gets real with readers in a way few authors are willing to do.
I applaud her bravery at peeling back the layers and allowing us to get to know her and get to know our God in unexpected ways.
This book causes you to face your own faith. Can you handle it? Get ready to get raw!

Some of my fave quotes from the book:

” No record is so stained, no case so hopeless that He cannot reach down and bring faith to that person.”

“Before God can show us the miracles only He is capable of in out lives, we must first get a diagnosis of our faith condition.”

“God permits suffering that’s beyond our ability to bear so we have no other choice but to turn to Him.”


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