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KREGEL BLOG TOUR: The Vicar’s Wife by Katherine Swartz

Welcome to JoJo’s Corner.

Journey to the English countryside in this charming new release by Katherine Swartz…

*** Special THANK YOU to the publisher & Kregel for providing me with a review copy.***


After spending three years as a diehard New Yorker, Katharine Swartz now lives in the Lake District with her husband, an Anglican minister, their five children, and a Golden Retriever. She enjoys such novel things as long country walks and chatting with people in the street, and her children love the freedom of village life—although she often has to ring four or five people to figure out where they’ve gone off to!

She writes women’s fiction as well as contemporary romance for Mills & Boon Modern under the name Kate Hewitt, and whatever the genre she enjoys delivering a compelling and intensely emotional story.


In A New Yorker all her life, Jane Hatton loved her job as the head of a charity championing women’s rights, but her fourteenyear- old daughter, Natalie, had fallen in with the wrong crowd at her Manhattan school. So Jane and her British husband, Andrew, have decided to move their family to the English countryside.

The Hattons have bought the large old vicarage in a small village on the Cumbrian coast, near Andrew’s new job. The silence and solitude of a remote village is quite a change. Natalie hates her new school, and eleven-year-old Ben struggles academically. Only seven-year-old Merrie enjoys country life. Has Jane made a horrible mistake? What of her career? Her own identity?

Putting on a brave face for the family, Jane tackles renovating the rambling, drafty old house. When she finds a scrap of a very old shopping list, she grows curious about Alice, the vicar’s wife who lived there years before.

As the twin narratives unfold—of Jane in the present and Alice in the 1930s—we discover that both are on a journey to discover their true selves, and to address their deepest fears.



The Vicar’s Wife was such a delight to read. I drank in every word and enjoyed it so very much.
The beautiful, cold, blustery setting and the wonderful culture oozed from the pages.
I enjoyed getting to slowly uncover the layers of this story of two women, worlds (and time) apart.
The connection was the vicarage, both Alice and Jane lived under its glorious roof.
As I read, I felt I was there too…sipping tea near the warm, cosy fireplace.
Jane was miserable in her lot, though she had agreed with her husband to move- she left her heart in New York and secretly longed to return.
Alice happily moved into the vicarage to begin a new life with her husband, only to discover she wasn’t measuring up to her own expectations.
I found myself enjoying Alice’s side of the story, she was such a giving character…loving her husband and desiring to please him.
Jane’s story was more glumly and I found myself aggravated with her unwillingness to fully give herself to this new adventure….but it is easy to point the finger, I too have been there, unwilling to surrender.
This story was such a joy to read! I highly recommend it and I enjoyed every single moment.

*****5/5 STARS- GET YOUR OWN COPY!!!*****


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