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Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl & FREE CHAPTER!!!

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written by:

Rooglewood Press; 1 edition (November 1, 2013)
***Special thanks to the author for sending me a review copy.***


Anne Elisabeth Stengl makes her home in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she lives with her husband, Rohan, a kindle of kitties, and one long-suffering dog.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys Shakespeare, opera, and tea, and practices piano, painting, and pastry baking. She studied illustration at Grace College and English literature at Campbell University.

She is the author of HEARTLESS, VEILED ROSE, MOONBLOOD, STARFLOWER, and DRAGONWITCH. HEARTLESS and VEILED ROSE have each been honored with a Christy Award. Find out more at:


An illustrated novella set in the award-winning TALES OF GOLDSTONE WOOD series

The Vengeful Goddess Demands Her Tithe

When a stowaway is discovered aboard the merchant ship Kulap Kanya, Munny, a cabin boy on his first voyage, knows what must be done. All stowaways are sacrificed to Risafeth, the evil goddess of the sea. Such is her right, and the Kulap Kanya’s only hope to return safely home.

Yet, to the horror of his crew, Captain Sunan vows to protect the stowaway, a foreigner in clown’s garb. A curse falls upon the ship and all who sail with her, for Risafeth will stop at nothing to claim her tithe.

Will Munny find the courage to trust his captain and to protect the strange clown who has become his friend?

“Fans of Tolkien and the darker tales of Faerie will be drawn into Stengl’s effusive prose and wonderfully scary worlds.” USA Today

Product Details:
Series: Tales of Goldstone Wood
List Price: $8.99
Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Rooglewood Press; 1 edition (November 1, 2013)


If you haven’t discovered Anne Elisabeth Stengl, I highly recommend that you pick up Goddess Tithe and get to know one of my absolute favorite authors!
Stengl is a masterful writer, almost magical really.
Goddess Tithe is full of vivid, detail and immerses readers completely into the story and lives of the characters.
This is a story of courage and friendship and adventure.
This is such a unique story and I love it!

*****5/5 STARS*****



2 thoughts on “Goddess Tithe by Anne Elisabeth Stengl & FREE CHAPTER!!!

  1. I have this book on my bookcase just waiting for me to read it!! Soooo excited about it! Plus I saw it had drawings in it which is awesome!

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