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Finding God in the Hunger Games by Selena Sarns

The Hunger Games has swept into popularity for good reason—it’s a great series. And though God is never mentioned in Suzanne Collin’s books, there are many spiritual themes that run beneath the story line.

Finding God in the Hunger Games contains 30 devotions based on lessons that can be learned from the Hunger Games series. Written from an evangelical Christian perspective, this book will inspire those who want to grow closer to Jesus Christ and understand Biblical principals as they are illustrated in Collin’s work.

These biblically-based devotions contain spoilers to the series and are not part of the Hunger Games series.

I was super excited to read and review Finding God in the Hunger Games by Selena Sarns! this devo is based on the uber-popular YA series by Suzanne Collins.

But be warned!
This DEVO has references and spoilers from ALL 3 BOOKS in the series, so if you have not read the entire series, be warned THIS DEVO CONTAINS MAJOR PLOT SPOILERS!!!

The book contains 30 devotionals. Most are about one to one and a half pages in length, so this is a good short daily DEVO, but full enough to leave you satisfied. Each daily devotional is titled and begins with a Bible verse, which is printed right in the book. Next, the author sets the scene with a Hunger Games reference and ends tying the story and Scripture together…wonderfully!!!

This is just a FUN book!!! I think fans of the series will absolutely love it!! I did!


FOR FANS OF: Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games Series, Fun Devotionals
FIRST LINE OF THE BOOK: “The people of Panum have utterly forsaken God.”
ALSO BY SELENA SARNS: 50 Shades of Black and White- A Christian Response to 50 Shades of Grey




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