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Sovereign Spectacular #1

Okay, I’m case ya didn’t know, I am a HUGE fan of The Books of Mortals series
by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee.
Such a fan, that we are loading up and crossing state lines to meet the authors at the book release author signing in Houston on June 18th….yippee!!!
Sovereign is the 3rd book in The Books of Mortals series, check it out…

Nine years after Rom Sebastian was thrust into the most unlikely of circumstances as hero and bearer of an unimaginable secret, the alliance of his followers is in disarray. An epic battle with The Order has left them scattered and deeply divided both in strategy and resolve in their struggle to become truly alive and free.
Only 36 truly alive followers remain loyal to Rom. This meager band must fight for survival as The Order is focused on their total annihilation. Misunderstood and dispised, their journey will be one of desperation against a new, more intensely evil Order. As the hand of this evil is raised to strike and destroy them they must rely on their faith in the abiding power of love to overcome all and lead them to sovereigncy.
SOVEREIGN wonderfully continues the new testament allegory that was introduced in FORBIDDEN and continued in MORTAL.

While we all wait in anticipation for the release on Tuesday,
here’s my review of Book #1 FORBIDDEN…
***warning, I had not yet honed my mad video making skills, you have been warned***
Seriously, this is an amazingly epic series and I cannot wait for SOVEREIGN!!!


Go ahead and catch up on the series, if you haven’t already read FORBIDDEN & MORTAL…


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