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JOJO’S Bible Study Tips & Methods

JOJO’S Chronological Reading Plan…
JOJO’S KJV Life Application Study Bible…
JOJO’S Bible Memory Plan Book…—-CAN–Know/dp/1616262079/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1364946609&sr=1-1&keywords=Bible+memory+plan
Named By God Bible Study by Kasey Van Norman
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2 thoughts on “JOJO’S Bible Study Tips & Methods

  1. Hi Laura:-) I am loving this Bible study soooo much. It’s amazing! It’s a God-thing that He puts these resources in my hands at just the right time in my life, giving me exactly what I need.
    This study has helped me work through some family issues, it has helped me forgive someone that I thought I had already forgiven (but really I hadn’t because I was still holding on to a lot of hurt). And it really surprised me that the study has even encouraged me to start doing something I have long dreamed of…..writing.
    I plan to review the bible study when I complete it, highly recommend. I don’t have the book, but in the study, the author references the book and even tells you what chapters to read to conicide with that particular lesson.

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