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Movie News: Left Behind

Cloud Ten Pictures had confirmed that Nicolas Cage is set to play the part of Rayford Steele in the upcoming Left Behind movie remake. With a bud- get approaching $15 million, filming should be- gin in Louisiana in the coming months.


What do y’all think?
Can you picture Nicolas Cage as Rayford?
Did you like the Kirk Cameron Left Behinds?
Do you think the remakes are gonna be awesome??

Lemme know in the comments below..


6 thoughts on “Movie News: Left Behind

  1. This should be interesting! I hope it turns out good. I actually really enjoyed the books but refused to watch the movies. We’ll see!

  2. Yes, I can see Nicholas Cage in that role. (especially /BC…before Christ).. I liked Kirk’s left Behind movie, but I believe the remake will be more of a Theatre Movie than Kirk’s, stay at home and watch on the TV movie. I will definitely go see this in the theatre.

    1. I read your review on Fatherless, I’m trying to decide if I wanna give it a go or not. Tried to subscribe to your blog but couldn’t…. Won’t let me click on subscribe. But I’ll try back soon.

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