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My Most Anticipated Fiction Releases for 2013


These are the books I’m soooo excited about this year.
A lot are parts of series, so catch up while you can,
cause these are gonna be awesome!!!

NOTE: view more info by clicking the book title &
visit the author website by clicking the authors name 🙂

STORM by Evan Angler
(book 3 in the Swipe Series- releases May 2013)


This series will really suck you in with book one, Swipe. This is a YA dystopian. I would say fans of Veronica Roth (Divergent) & Allie Condie (Matched) should definitely check out Evan Angler. This series isn’t exactly like those, but I think they have similar ideas and themes. The Swipe series takes place in a society where everyone is “Marked” on their 13 birthday. The main character, Logan is a little paranoid about his upcoming Marking, because when his sister went to get her Mark, she never came home again.

(books 2 & 3 in the Grand Tour Series- releases March & September 2013)


While I am not a big fan of historical fiction, I am a huge fan of the Grand Tour Series! I had been wanting to check out this author for awhile and figured I’d go ahead and give her newest series a try, I’m glad I did. This story is rich with memorable characters. The main character, Cora, finds out her life is a lie when her real father shows up offering her the chance of a lifetime. I love how the book switches point of view between Cora and another character, Will. This is a true coming of age story with hints of romance and suspense.

The cover for the third book in this series GLITTERING PROMISES is yet to be released. But I am sure it will be just as breath-taking as books 1 and 2.

Also the author is set to release the first in a new teen dystopian series for Zondervan later this year, titled REMNANT. Which I am soooo looking forward to as well!

CRESENT by Homer Hickam
(book 2 in the Helium-3 Series- releases June 2013)


Ever wonder what life would be like on the moon? Well, it’s not a walk on the rock for main character Crater Trueblood! After a heroic act, he is sent on a life or death mission to find a mysterious artifact that may change everything for people on the moon. Fans of Beth Revis (Across the Universe), Orson Scott Card (Enders Game) and Scott Westerfield (The Uglies) may really enjoy the Helium-3 series!

AVENGER by Heather Burch
(book 3 in the Halflings trilogy- releases March 2013)


I feel in love with this series from book 1 and cannot wait for the third and final installment in the Halflings trilogy. I love the main character is a strong female lead. I love the love triangle. I love the action. What is there not to love about this series. I think fans of Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) and LJ Smith (Vampire Diaries) should check out Heather Burch.

PS- There is talk of a movie deal in the making…. stay tuned!

SOVEREIGN by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee
(book 3 in The Books of Mortals- releases June 2013)


The Books of Mortals series thus far is unlike anything I’ve read. Set in a world where fear is the only emotion, may seem odd, but fits so well in the storyline and series. Memorable, solid characters and scenes vividly written, Book 2, Mortal had me hungry for more. This is my first time reading either of the authors, but will definitely not be my last. Highly recommend!

ANOMALY by Krista McGee
(1st book in – releases July 2013)


Author Krista McGee is known for writing popular teen fiction such as, “First Date”, “Starring Me”, and “Where I Belong”. This year she will add to that list “Anomaly” the first in a new dystopian series she is writing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Comparable titles are Divergent (Veronica Roth), The Maze Runner (James Dashner) and Matched (Ally Condie). And while I have not read any books by Mrs. McGee, I WILL be reading this one! Question. Feel. Believe. I will! How about you?

BROKEN WINGS & DARK HALO by Shannon Dittemore
(books 2 & 3 in the Angel Eyes series- releases February & August 2013)



Another book I feel in love with from the beginning! Im holding my breath for books 2 and 3 which release this year. The authors writing style just draws you in! I love love love this new series and this new author! Fans of Becca Fitzpatrick (Hush. Hush) and Alexandra Adornetto (Halo), should definitely give this series a look.

THE FAIREST BEAUTY by Melanie Dickerson
( releases January 2013)


While this book is not a part of a series, per-say, the author has written two other fairy-tale retellings. I’ll admit I have not read either of them. BUT, when I saw the cover ( and I know I should not judge) and heard that this was a retelling of Snow White, I put this one on the list!

DRAGONWITCH by Anne Elisabeth Stengl
(book 5 in the Tales of Goldstone Wood Series- releases July 2013)


Another author that I have heard loads of wonderful things about, but just have not got around to reading. I love that the author is very interactive with her fans at her blog and these covers are just gorgeous! Im a fantasy fan and I think the Tales of Goldstone Wood series may be right up my alley! Cant wait to catch-up on this series and let you all know what I think!

So, that’s it! Leave a comment and let me know what you’re most anticipated reads are for the year! Also, if you like what you see here- please subscribe!



4 thoughts on “My Most Anticipated Fiction Releases for 2013

  1. Some of these look like my kind of reading. I enjoy Christian fiction and non-fiction, historical romances, mystery-thrillers and cozy mysteries featuring women sleuths.

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