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Top 12 of 2012

Here is the lowdown on the books I chose and why I chose them…

#1 ILLUSION by Frank Peretti


I really, really loved this book so much! I read it shortly after my mom passed away and I think because of the synopsis (married couple, same age as my parents, love, loss etc.) I just fell in love with this story from page one. Mandy is such a hilarious, cute, like able character. It’s so funny because she comes back as her 19 year old self, but in a whole new world of technological advancement (she doesn’t even know what a cell phone is!!!). The book keeps you guessing. This was my first Peretti, definitely not my last. Luved it!!

#2 HALFLINGS by Heather Burch


This was actually the first book of its kind, for me. I think that Christian fiction is constantly evolving and I love that books like this are there to reach a whole new generation of young adult readers. To me, this book is the Christians answer to books like Twilight (Stephanie Meyer). I think fans should definitely checkout this one!

#3 FORBIDDEN & #4 MORTAL by Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee



Okay, is it cheating to choose the first two books of a series?!? I’m sorry if it is, but this series blew me away! So good, great story building, world building. Could not put it down. This was my first time reading Ted or Tosca, and I have to say I can’t wait to delve into more of what are sure to be page turners from these awesome authors.

#5 ANGEL EYES by Shannon Dittemore


This book drew me in from the beginning. I loved the descriptive writing style, the story, the mystery, the hints of romance. Another great YA read that I feel isn’t just for teens. Again I’m going to say that fans of the Twilight books (Stephanie Meyers) Fallen (Lauren Kate) or Hush, Hush (Becca Fitzpatrick) should totally check this one out. I can’t wait for the next two in the series which come out later this year. Beautiful, suspenseful. I’m hooked!



Let me say, I’m not a big fan of historical fiction. I had heard some really good things about this author and her River of Time series. Really I was drawn to the absolutely beautiful cover and then read the synopsis and knew I HAD to read it. I love “Cinderella” type stories where characters are thrown into situations they are not used to. I also enjoy stories that take you on a journey, traveling, adventures etc. and this book did that. I love the main character Cora, great female lead. I am highly anticipating more books in this series!

#7 KISSES FROM KATIE by Katie Davis with Beth Clark


This was my only nonfiction pick for 2012 and really I had planned to do all fiction for this list, but had to absolutely include Kisses From Katie. This was such an awesome book. I love that it is about a young woman doing big things for an even bigger God. This book challenged me in so many ways. It was so inspiring to read about Katie’s passion to follow God wherever, whatever. loved the beautiful photos included and the journal entries from Katie’s own journal. So so good!!!



Super cute, super funny. Could not put this one down. And that’s not just because I grew up a PK and could totally relate to Addison. This book was just fun to read. I love books where we get a peek inside the main character’s thoughts. I really liked the love interest character in this book, Wes. The author did a fabulous job of making readers love him one minute and question him the next. I enjoy stories about characters who don’t have it all together (because I can totally relate). Would love to see this story continue in a follow up. We’ll have to see!!

#9 THE 13TH DEMON by Bruce Hennigan


Spiders and scorpions and blood, oh my! This was my most surprising read of 2012. I came across an ad that the author was doing a book signing/ discussion in my area, checked out the series online, was really intrigued by the synopsis, went to the signing, bought the books and could not stop reading (with the lights on, of course). Great main character, great storytelling!! Cannot wait to see where the series takes us!!



You know that one book you can’t stop talking about, thinking about and recommending to people?? This is that book! Beautifully written, unforgettable characters, unlike anything out here. A spellbinding book about love and loss and living in spite of difficult circumstances. Highly recommend!!

#11 REARVIEW by Mike Dellosso


This story hits the ground running!! You won’t be able to pull yourself away. Very interesting to see the author do this in less than 100 pages. Superb! Can’t wait to read more in this series and from this author.

#12 THE SKIN MAP by Stephen R Lawhead


WOW!!! Enjoyed this one so much. Think National Treasure meets the Mummy meets Indiana Jones meets Dr. Who!!! Adventure, action, time travel, sci-fi. I loved this book so much!!!


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