August Giveaway- CLOSED

10 winners will each win one copy of Inescapable by Nancy Mehl.
To enter simply leave a comment telling me if you think you could live an Amish lifestyle… Even if only for a day.
Winners will be announced on August 31st 2012.

Click here for more info on Inescapable!


24 thoughts on “August Giveaway- CLOSED

  1. I might be able to live the Amish lifestyle for a short time, but I would miss my computer and my cell phone very much. I have done OK without electricity after a few hurricanes, and I can sew on a treadle sewing machine. I’m not sure how well I would cook on a wood stove, but I would do OK on a propane gas one. I was a Girl Scout and could cook over a campfire.

  2. I would definitely give it a try! There are days I would love to get away from technology and enjoy creation. I hate heat so that might be a problem πŸ™‚

  3. Yes I think I could live an amish life for a while because they have a slower pace and a love for simple things!

  4. I really think I could and I would love it. A little hard work never hurt anybody and when you get away from all this in the city or the inventions life is much more simpler. I like to think you dont miss what you dont have and like a child out of sight is out of mind! Hope i win!!!

    1. I agree, tanrhoden! Hard work, simpler lifestyle and I honestly think people might be happier living this way! It seems the more we get, the more we want (material things) and as a society, we’re never content.

  5. OH I think the Amish have a lifestyle that intrigues me… simple……and everyone helps each other I would love that…..and that all are such a close knit community….I could enjoy that

  6. Hi, just dropping over from goodreads to say Hi and check out your blog, I have this book so dont want to be in the drawing. Looks like you have a very different type blog-good for you, sometimes different is good, good luck…..
    Have a great weekend.
    Paula O(

  7. Having been blessed (or maybe it’s spoiled) by modern conveniences, the only way I could live Amish for an extended amount of time would be if I knew no other way. But I’ve been camping, so I can survive anything for a week!

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